Köhler Floordesign
Vertrieb & Montage GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 4
71159 Mötzingen

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Köhler Floordesign Vertrieb & Montage GmbHKöhler Floordesign Vertrieb & Montage GmbH

Our company specializes in floor design: Our floors are high quality, hard-wearing and joint less in interior rooms, resilient, seamless and watertight outdoors. Thousands of satisfied customers at home and abroad appreciate our expertise.

Whether it’s for small, domestic purposes or large projects with a surface area over 1,000 square metres - design, layout and completion are in the best hands with us.


We carry all kinds of natural stones and offer the largest range in Europe. In addition to African slate we also carry broken marble, decorations and ornaments, and wood floors.

Do you need a specific floor that is the only one of its kind in the world? We will be happy to plan combinations of materials, finishing and decor with you. Just give us a call!


Köhler Floordesign