Köhler Floordesign
Vertrieb & Montage GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 4
71159 Mötzingen

Phone: +49 (0)7452/ 873434
Fax: +49 (0)7452/ 873436

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Welcome to Köhler Floordesign

The company Köhler Floordesign Vertrieb & Montage GmbH deals with modern floor coverings and with qualitative and special flooring. You love natural stones? Köhler Floordesign specializes in natural stoned fillings made from marble gravel and installation of Marmorix®, which works well for renovation of floors in the interior and exterior area.

Köhler Floordesign is also distributor of the world's novelty Marmorix®-therm: Ready for mounting, decorative wall heating elements made from natural stone (marble pebbles).